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Raum ohne Zeit

An open field

Von drei Katzen und der Eule

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Maike Zazie Matern is a pianist and a composer. Holder of a Magistra artium  degree in literature with highest honors from both Humboldt Universität and Freie Universität of Berlin, she has also studied in Tübingen and Uppsala, Sweden. Influenced by her passion for both music and literature she operates in the crossroads of the two arts, her medium being a type of sonic literature in both form and content: She composes pieces of music as she puts stories down on paper; she chooses notes as carefully as she chooses words. For her, writing music is storytelling and creating poetic sound essays. Her music moves in the border area between music and experimental radio play.

Album artwork by Giulia Pex


The newest studio album Seismopsychollage is as a whole not a collection of single independent songs and melodies, not just music. The album is even more intended to be received as an emotional journey, an experimental self-psychoanalysis in the field of art.
Maike Zazie's former academic focus - relations between psychoanalysis and literature - constitutes her new artistic work: The poetic sound essay Seismopsychollage is about inner 'earthquakes' triggered by personal and interpersonal conflicts and about searching for their 'hypocenters'. It's about an inner child, about fear and hope, melancholy and about longing that makes people strive forward, but whose utopian goal always remains unattainable.

Album artwork by Giulia Pex

The emotional analysis is based on fragments of Maike Zazie's own texts and those of others: A collage of diary notes, letters, her own poems and prose fragments as well as passages from literature and science presented by different voices creates a dialogue between the self and the outside world.
And likewise for the listener, these text fragments create an open and free universe of thoughts and ideas in which the listener can find himself again and create his own world.

Janna by Felix GrotelohMitch
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Voices by: Vincent Baars, Pierre Martinerie, Luca Elder, Yasmene Elsner, Ivana Folkenfolk, Carlo Garré, Simon Ralph Goff, Mitchell Hawke, Janna Horstmann, Torben Kjærgaard, Marcus Köhler, Andrea Lacroix, Daniel Meyer, Robert Oeser, Lisa Rilka, Reza Saleh, Daniel Sus, Stas Werno.

Texts among others by: Paul Auster, Paolo Cognetti, Philippe Djian, Michael Ende, Per Olov Enquist, Erich Fromm, Marlen Haushofer, Siri Hustvedt, Peter Høeg, Nicole Krauss, Plato, Arthur Schopenhauer, Edith Södergran.

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Raum ohne Zeit     

The palimpsest of a living space: An acoustic radioscopy.

Raum ohne Zeit ("Space without time") is Maike Zazie's first musical radio play or experimental voice theatre, released on her debut album Regen:tropfen.

The piece tells the everyday story of various people who have all inhabited the same living space over the decades. They have laughed in it, loved each other, cried, hated each other and each sought their own way through it. An eternal cycle of life.

The music attempts to capture the space, but above all to capture the feelings that were lived through here, just as quietly and dreamily as excitedly, and also marks the finiteness and endlessness of life. The music is accompanied by sounds and voices. The words are fragments of everyday conversations that still hang and echo in the space - some softly, some more strongly. Noises create the soundscape of the background.

Photo by Ralph Etter for Drifting Falling Release Regentropfen

Voices by: Irmgard Adam, Jörg Albrecht, Katharina Bohnert, Anvar Cukoski, Nina Alice Dannenhauer, Jutta und Ria Frischknecht, Herbert Gustavus, Leo und Sabine Hanstein, Leonie Hubal, Marco Huwe, Christoph Glaubacker, Matthias Grübel, Monika Kijas, Maike Zazie Matern, Wilma Renfordt, Jule Rothe, Wiebke Schuirman, Thomas Speth

Photo by Ralph Etter for Drifting Falling Release Regentropfen

An open field     

An open field is a short piece of sound for one person, sex instruments and a bird.

Inspired by Peter Broderick's project Numbers Maike Zazie's sound poem and sonic collage An open field is an experiment about possibilities and freedom in re-reading and new-understanding of text, picture and sound following the idea of deconstruction.

A play with meaning.

An open field.

Photography by Ralph Etter

An open field is a sound poem by Maike Zazie

An open field is a collage by Maike Zazie


Von drei Katzen und der Eule <

Von drei Katzen und der Eule was released on the second album Fragmente.

Not an experimental piece of voice theatre though
Von drei Katzen und der Eule is not a 'song'. Its aim is storytelling. The love story that the whole album Fragmente is about is told here as a fable.

Stamps made by Maike Zazie

Stamps made by Maike Zazie