Fragmente nie geschriebener briefe

artwork © 2015 maike zazie matern

FRAGMENTE nie geschriebener briefe is a collection of sonic love letters.

Fragmente out on CD + Digital via 7K!

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press comments

"[...] la matern dimostra così grande sensibilità nel plasmare la propria musica lavorando per sottrazione e al contempo amplificando strutture compositive il cui incedere lento restituisce la forza discreta di una fragilità sospesa, densa di pathos. "
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"[...] Il risultato di questa nuova via è una narrazione più calda, dal sapore cinematico e dai tratti onirici che trova nelle linee maggiormente strutturate del piano il suo tono romantico e nell’enfasi della voce della Matern il suo pathos.
Ci ha nuovamente spiazzati Maike Zazie, riuscendo però ad incantarci ancora  con la delicatezza e la fragilità della sua musica.
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artwork © 2010 ralph etter  jon thompson

regen:tropfen was recorded in a small little room with a south facing garden view in berlin-neukölln & on a piano at nils frahm's durtonstudio in berlin-wedding in spring and summer 2009.

released on drifting falling recordings in 2010.


press comments


phil for norman records gave five stars & calls it "album of the week" (8th october 2010) ! []go to source!

"matern’s mastery of the piano and her classical training are highlighted, the melodies are deep and powerful, as well as possessing an exceptional beauty. regen:tropfen is an exquisite modern classical work which introduces maike zazie matern as an exceptional talent whose star is surely on the rise."
adam williams for fluid radio 
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"The resulting album [regen:tropfen] is a masterpiece. [...] Hearing an album as original as regen:tropfen helps to remind one that there are still unexplored regions of music to be pioneered. Matern is just the kind of girl we want at the head of that expedition, too [...]."
robin babb for space city rock 
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"there’s something incredibly warm and inviting about regen:tropfen, like trailing your hands in a stream on a warm day."
joshua meggitt for cyclic defros
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"ms. zazie has a way with creating the most hauntingly brilliant minimalist structures. and out of their cold 'absent-lifed' tone's she brings warmth, profound beauty, and overall understanding of the importance of each and every 'small aspect' from life as we know it. "

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"een onwaarschijnlijk mooi droomdebuut."
jan willem broek for caleidoscoop 

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artwork © 2010 ralph etter  jon thompson


artwork © 2010 jana kühl

the release includes a 45 page full color booklet with enhanced cd containing 9 audio tracks & 2 video files in a limited edition of 200 pieces. all contributions have been collected between august 2009 & august 2010. the small books have been designed & hand assembled by jana kühl from berlin.

maike zazie's contribution is the sound poem an open field& a collage with a photography by ralph etter.


artwork © 2010 jana kühl

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